Tableros GARFER is a family company; the result of three generations, with 70 years dedicated to wood. Sawmill in its origin, the last 50 years have been devoted to cutting wood and manufacture boards.

We work with poplar, pine and beech trunks, which after the cutting and drying of the veneer, pressing and machining, we obtain finished pieces for direct use in many industrial sectors.

A small team of people, always ready to collaborate with our customers and provide them with solutions to their problems, have made possible the recognition of Tableros GARFER in the market.


The wood that arrives at the factory does so with PEFC certified and PEFC controlled sources and Tableros Garfer, S.A. has a custody control system with the number PEFC 14-34-00003. Our clients, aware of the importance of forest sustainability, ask us for PEFC articles for their final products.